I will be your clown,
I will be your night,
I will be your calm,
I will be your fight,
I will be your headlights,
I will be your mattress,
I will be your shelter,
I will be your fortress,
I will be your arms,
I will be your strength;
now go find a mirror
and repeat this to yourself.

© Copyright D. Archer December 2011

Hello Me

You are not much to look at
yet you possess a certain charm
You have denied the passion
that you have for yourself and
for the woman you will one day
hold in your arms;

You are taller than you think
even when your head is not held high;
you do not always live in Autumn
you do not always live under a grey sky;

You are a powerful lover
one that does not sit well
with coming second best;
so you have a weakness
for women in high heels
high hemlines and breasts in sillouhette;

You have the potential
to draw down the stars
and you have more than pretty words
to help you melt a woman’s heart;

You were once lost
but a deeper more beautiful soul
has taught you how to be a man again
and that you have
emotionally grown.

© Copyright D. Archer November 2011

Word search

A dozen notebooks
filled with rhyme
uninspired metered time
vapid vowels
vacuous verse
puerile childish
coupled words.
Poems akin
to channel flicking
never stopping
only dipping
flow forgotten
momentum lost;
worth reading?
I think not.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011