Dark Skies

The moon jealous of your smile
clouds the stars and shines
that only she may hold my gaze
as a slow wave of regret
turns already faded denim and memories
a more melancholic shade.

I add some more salt to the sea,
shuffle my sinking feet
and lament losses both old and new;
while relentless in its pursuit of the shoreline
the ocean smoothes shells and pebbles into submission
under a perfect poachers moon.

© D. Archer June 2012



Every month
we sank a little deeper
when I raised the overdraft;
I ignored the elephant
in the room and
papered over the cracks.
I used all the air
in the diving bell
and not just money
tore us apart;
the elephant has moved in permanently
leaving no room for me
in your heart.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011