Before the now

Before the now,
with scissors held recklessly high,
I ran to your heart to be me;
where, on the edge of the forgotten,
safe and sharp memories collided,
random in the colours,
sweet, bitter, all came,
to be picked
and to bleed.

Now, the car, the only object moving,
blurs landscapes quicker than thoughts,
its noise spits sparrows from the hedgerows
as I add more things
to my contracting life’s list.

© D Archer July 2014

Consider the birds

Consider the Birds. Copyright D. Archer 2013

Consider the Birds. Copyright D. Archer 2013

In my usual procrastinating style I’ve been meaning to illustrate some of my ramblings for quite a while.

As a fan of the woodcut and lino-cut artwork style and a rather nerdy interest in typography I thought Id combine all the elements in one image.

I can’t promise any more so don”t be under-whelmed by my lack of productivity. You have been warned.

Dave Archer. Copyright D. Archer 2013.



Be Prepared

Be Prepared!

Be Prepared!


OK people, you know the drill, pseudo sentimentality season is almost upon us, if we all join together in fighting this non stop commercial day of heart bleating soppyness we can get through the hours and get back to being our own lonesome selves.

You have been warned!

Image Copyright D. Archer. February 2013.

In Absentia

What is offered is seldom delivered,
What is shaped in love is nothing more than a camouflaged cage
and a prison cell with windows
never the less a prison cell remains.

© D. Archer September 2012

Against Nature

One isolated bloom
in an unseasonal sun
defies the depth of nature
ignored by travellers
that aimlessly look
through condensation covered windows
on their overcrowded bus.

Gods gift of colour projected
against the tired and regressed;
concrete slab kerbstones and
sparse, dog fouled grass.

For a moment forgotten
is their cattle class condition
the microwave meal for one; the cat:
the depressing television.

Palm swipes away the mist
but quick drowned in the distance
the solitary spray that illuminates
their own road to perdition.

© D. Archer October 2011

Psychological Seuss

I did not like it
in the dark
without someone
to share my heart;
I did not like
the callous grin
that subverted smile
above my chin;
I did not like
my heavy thoughts
and hurtful, silent,
sharp retorts;
I did not like
the cloud I cast
on innocents
who just walked, passed;
and I could kill
a room stone dead
with sunken eyes and
words unsaid;
and so I found myself alone
cast adrift to the undertow
posting words
on the internet
slowly drowning
in regret
until my head
above the waterline
the lighthouse caught me
just in time
and so a new direction
slow I swam
to be the man
I Know I can;
Now I am me,
me I am
I quite like this me I am,
I do not like
the me I was
in fact I’m glad
that me is gone.

© D Archer March 2012

Everyone else can wait

I should be drawing pictures
but instead I am addicted
to a sound clip voiced from Heaven
that transcends both
time and distance;

It’s only thirty seconds
so I put it on a loop
I’ve deleted everything else
on my iPod
just so I can listen to you;

No road in England
will ever be safe
when I hear your voice
I dream upon your face;

Red lights please
don’t turn green;
I don’t want to leave this moment
I am finally at peace.

© Copyright D. Archer November 2011