Has it always been like this?
inside this low, living headache
where everyone is closed or taken;
where the pressure is blinding
and the quiet assumptions are the worst.

The mirror lies,
I’m not the only one in this room
as the argument begins
“What lies beneath my ink stained skin?”

New Ink


It has long been an ambition of mine to have more tattoos than I have arms and early last month I achieved my goal. Photographs have been photoshopped only to remove my middle aged spread.

I had the Samurai for quite a while and gradually added the Hanya Mask and the Koi over the past months, oh the smell of nappy rash cream and the lovely lovely peeling skin…..mmmmmmm….peeeling skin!

Artwork and Ink by Jo Pink at Nigel Kurt’s funhouse tattoos in Barnsley, well worth the long waiting list.

My Black Dressed Diamond

Such is Barnsley,
pitiful; cultural tundra of the North,
most women so hard
they have tattoos on their teeth
and faces insipid, gaunt.

Yet diamonds are found
in lumps of coal;
because of you I cannot leave this place;
for I am lost
in all that is beautiful
when sixty seconds
I spend in your grace.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011