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Welcome to the corner of my eye. 

I do not profess to be good at poetry but I enjoy writing it.

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Enjoy my blogg. You will not learn anything but it may help you forget other stuff. 

Dave Archer, Licensed to Stare

REMEMBER: “Witty people are not clever enough to be sarcastic” and “Pornography is for people with no imagination”

Kite Flying for Manic Depression:
David ArcherThe Plath of Wath : Sold Out: Price: £1

Rare and unpublished shopping lists from the Poet dubbed the worst since time began. Sold out because I only printed one copy and it only had one page in it, really should work out how to use the photo-copier next time.

The Opposite of Up.
David Archer: The Plath of Wath : Sold Out: Price: £1

Sold out again, printed two copies but they were upside down with the pages in the wrong order. I only had fifty pence on me as well when I went into the copy shop.

Buy this please, I need some milk
David Archer: The Plath of Wath : Sold Out: Price: £1

Nearly there, printed six copies and only one of them were the right way around plus the fact the man in the shop made me pay for the others so I actually ended up out of pocket. I am going to another shop next time anyway because he smelled of fish and he wore a cardigan.

Like telly but without the pictures.
David Archer: The Plath of Wath : Sold Out: Price: £1

Sold out again, only one copy came out of the machine because the rest of the paper got jammed in the copier and set the copy-shop on fire. I am in court next week on Arson charges, my lawyer read my poems and he then refused to represent me so I’m going to have to defend myself.