Tiger Nonsense for Manic Depressives


Apologies to Mr William Blake but these words and pictures are copyright D. Archer. October 2015.

It’s funny but this is not the drawing I originally intended for this piece but sometimes you just have to go with the flow and surprise yourself with the unexpected. I think (but who am I?) the illustration has a 1950’s feel. It maybe the fact I’ve scanned my pencils or that I drew with a 4B but it’s best not to over analyse as that makes my brain hurt.

Fun with sharp objects


Fun with sharp objects on a Sunday.

Actually that’s a lie, I cut this a few days ago and then printed it and then forgot to upload it. Metaphors for my life abound.

This time I managed only 4 copies before I got a decent print which is vast improvement on my latest effort and no actual blood was spilled in the making of this image which again is a vast improvement on my latest effort.

Im sure there’s a poem about a bleeding heart brewing but my natural procrastinating tendencies prevent me from doing two pieces of artistic endeavour in one day. Maybe Winter 2016.

Less to follow.
Blood © D.Archer. March 2015

Good Grief Morrissey

Charming Charlie

It’s a sad day when artistic expression is crushed under the weight of the corporate pressure. http://thischarmingcharlie.tumblr.com/ has received instructions to remove posts relating to their juxtaposition of the Peanuts strip and The Smiths lyrics. Strange times indeed considering that 99% of Tumbler is based on plagiarism and good old cut and paste with scant regard for authors and copyright.

I suggest you visit http://thischarmingcharlie.tumblr.com/ while this charming site is still up and running.

In a futile act of solidarity I post my own two penneth of disobedience. Good grief Morrissey, have a heart.

Mr Fifties’ Lewd Limerick


I am getting rather bored of reading existential Haikus recently (which I feel I must point out to at least two thirds of the internet is traditionally a three-line poem with seventeen syllables, written in a 5/7/5 syllable count!) so I’ve decided to revive the good old fashioned limerick. If the format was good enough for Isaac “Lamb Chops” Asimov then it’s good enough for me! I know it has rude words in it like “Lyme Regis” and “Vicar” but I’m pushing the envelope here, don’t try and hold me back man!

For the geographically challenged, Lyme Regis is a town on the south coast of England just in case you have a hankering to go looking for the afore mentioned Vicar. GOD on the other hand lives in Yorkshire.

Artwork and Limerick © D. Archer. September 2013.

The Boy Next Door


Obviously the words are not copyright myself and neither unfortunately is the artwork, I came across the image on the inter-web just as I was having my daily dose of Morrissey and by-jingo a contemporary juxtaposition of worlds collided (not as oblique as the Peanuts’ strip I admit). Also, I’m a bit miffed that I can’t see who the artist is on the Vader illustration as I would sing your praises and give full credit without a doubt.

The black frame and the drop shadow are © D. Archer 2013 but that’s all I have contributed, all the interesting and talented stuff belongs to real people.